Fortification/water test by Peglegpenguin

Movie Description:

In this video a dwarf goes through a fortification once it reaches water level 3.

I then redid this experiment by throwing elephants into the same position. They did not pass through the fortification, even at 6 waterness. I then connected a body of water, and its flow seems to have pushed the elephants. I do not know what happened - maybe they didn't want to leave, though I put tons of them in. I have the video if anyone wants it. Maybe creatures cannot walk through fortifications, but can be pushed through? If so, this has to be a bug... its too stupid not to be.

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Submitted by: Quietust - 2011-02-05

It's possible that flowing water is what pushed your dwarf through - the depths were probably 3/2/3, then a bucket was dumped on the left to make it 3/2/4, and the 4 spreading to the left was enough to cause flow and push the dwarf into the fortification.

I just did a brief test in Arena mode, and I was only able to pass through a submerged fortification when it was at depth 7/7 - at depth 6/7, I could not pass through it.


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