Armordeath's water reactor by uggi

Movie Description:

Operating Armordeath's dwarven water reactor is a dangerous job. (run the video at rate 200)

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Submitted by: walrisae - 2010-12-04

Why are your farm plots red?

Submitted by: uggi - 2010-12-06

I have brightened all colors, because with the default colors I can't see sh**. I didn't know they would show up in the movie.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2010-12-10

Contaminants use named colors (defined in descriptor_color_standard.txt), and the game converts those to the configured 16 colors based on RGB values; presumably, your colors are different enough that the color BROWN ([RGB:150:75:0]) resolves to color 4:0 (red) rather than 6:0 (brown).

Submitted by: Quietust - 2010-12-10

A proper Dwarven Water Reactor only channels 2 of the 3 tiles beneath each water wheel: the center tile and the one next to the pump output tile - channeling out the 3rd tile is what permitted this leak to occur.

Also, are those reactors connected to an infinite water source?

Submitted by: uggi - 2010-12-11

The water source is not infinite, just a rather large cistern below. Thanks for the tip, Quietust. I'll try that in my own fortress, it has a similar overflowing problem (this video was from a community fortress, see the link above).


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