Breaking the siege by SoulSkorpion

Movie Description:

The dwarves of Rocktrust attempt to finally break the two sieges threatening their fortress.

The defenders consist of three squads hammerdwarves and one of marksdwarves. All are wearing full adamantium armour made by legendary craftsdwarves (so, masterwork and exceptional).

There are only two or three highly skilled fighters. One squad has been training since the fortress was founded and is at about "Skilled" or "Competant", one is newer and is at "Adequate" and one has just been conscripted.

But surely masterwork Adamantium will be enough?

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Submitted by: SoulSkorpion - 2010-09-11

Dang, it's not working.

I'll spoil it for you: they suffered MASSIVE casualties and only just broke ONE of the sieges, having to retreat leaving the dead and dying behind.

Some dwarves didn't even make a single kill. The battle reports show dwarves losing their hands in combat despite their masterwork Adamantium gauntlets.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2010-09-11

From the orange warning box at the top of the Upload page:
"Important: Do not upload movies recorded with 0.31.12 non-legacy, because they don't work at all. This error has already been reported in the tracker, bug 2489 - the movie files are corrupt and will display blank when uploaded to the DFMA movie player."


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?