Zakosp the Lawgiver, pt 3 by Wirrit

Movie Description:

Around 30 seconds in, I decide to free Zakosp the lawgiver from his dance. He goes back to his methodical room destruction.

I take a look at a kid whose room he trashed - no bad thoughts apparent.

Apparently Zakosp is actually rather diplomatic about it ?

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Submitted by: DoctorZuber - 2010-04-09

Ah ha! So there is demonic destruction. Luvz Eet!

Submitted by: sylverone - 2010-04-10

Well, of course the dwarves would feel no ill will towards the demon; it is a deeply ingrained and ancient primal instinct which leads him to destroy their homes. It is simply his nature, so the dwarves forgive him. Hehe.

It does seem like a bug though. It would be cool if a visiting friendly demon would break a few things by accident, but methodically ripping rooms apart is something else entirely. And, of course, if the dwarves have no negative feelings about their destroyed possessions, it further indicates strangeness.

This is DF 2010, right? If so, you could report this bug.

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Submitted by: DoctorZuber - 2010-04-15

lol, he reported it before putting these videos up. It's good stuff.


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