Dwarves vs. Elves - Bloodbath Royale by Sky Render

Movie Description:

The new testing arena is great fun. Now we can really enact dramatic battles of epic proportions. Take, for example, this grand battle between 243 Elves vs. 193 Dwarves. I won't give away who won, but the surviving side had 58 living warriors at the end (50 of whom were unscathed).

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Submitted by: wigwam - 2010-04-02

Thas a lotta blood. How was each side equipped?

Submitted by: SkyRender - 2010-04-02

Every Elf was equipped with a Mangrove Bow, 100 Mangrove Arrows, and a full set of "heavy" Mangrove Armor (in other words, about what you'd expect Elves to equip). Every Dwarf was equipped with a Steel Battle Axe and a full set of heavy Steel armor (in other words, what you'd expect Dwarves to equip).

Submitted by: shinziril - 2010-04-02

Armok would be pleased.

Submitted by: Warmist~ - 2010-04-05

Mmm... blood in the river is a nice touch :)


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