Crossbows got nerfed too much by Deon

Movie Description:

The human in full armor vs a bunch of guys with crossbows.

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Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2010-04-01


Submitted by: Deon - 2010-04-01

Materials need a revision, like a chance to hit an eye socket/ armor connection. Right now steel bolts cannot damage an adamantine-clad guy in ANY way.

Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2010-04-01

Well that was unexpected.

Submitted by: KaelGotRice - 2010-04-01

Well, that is a legendary and the crossbowmen aren't?

More testing required.

Submitted by: Doomshifter - 2010-04-02

Also, have you ever tried fighting an Iron Man? Anything short of a big, hefty weapon will merely bounce off them. I had ~100 (not kidding with the numbers here) kobolds with adamantine blowdarts utterly pelting him, and not a thing happened. I threw a few humans (unarmed) and got nothing. I chucked in a magma man, who got blown to bits by my iron man juggernaut. Eventually, I tossed in a minotaur with a bronze axe, who managed to cleave him in two.

Then the minotaur caught iron man cough (the disease you get from inhaling their gases) and was attacked by another ~100 kobolds with blowguns. The kobolds did absolutely nothing but brown wounds all over, and my minotaur was absolutely bristling with little darts.


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