How to deal with berserk by Petr Gasparik

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being pretty newbie in dog training and military, I ran my fortress in peace mode. Until one dwarf gone berserk and started slain my dwarves. Because I had no war dogs, I decided to draft all to military to end this insanity. It works

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Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-03-29

Why is everyone's profession nosic?

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Submitted by: an experienced vet - 2010-03-30

That's not really guaranteed to work especially once you begin experimenting with war dogs, military etc. If, for example, having a legendary militarydwarf go berserk and he's kitted out in full plate, chain, and weapon, etc. You're just making it easier for him to kill your fort rather than have them chase down your dwarves one by one. A simpler, if wimpier solution is to wait for him to enter a room and lock him in.

Submitted by: PetrGasparik - 2010-03-31

Thank you for comments, I learned I should place workshops in small rooms.

"Nosic" means in czech Carrier, Bearer:|en|nosi%C4%8D


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