Draining and Damming a Major River - I by SL

Movie Description:

This is the first way I came up with to dry out the majority of a river. This movie shows what I did from the point at which I caused a cave-in to begin draining the river, until I successfully installed all the floodgates to dam it.

The setup was placing floodgates in a stockpile near the location, digging stairs down to the riverbed, digging out a massive mapwidth x 6 hall in the bottommost layer, clearing all the rocks out of that, digging 1 x 6 columns directly under the river all the way to the hall in the bottom layer, building floors held by two supports above the river, over that 1 x 6 area, linking the supports to levers, and removing the stairs from which the floors were built.

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Submitted by: GauHelldragon - 2007-12-02

ahaha, the cat

Submitted by: Noob - 2008-06-01

Should've dug out channels both in front of and behind the floodgate point, and made 'em 2 tiles wide.

Submitted by: FJH - 2009-03-25

They really didn't want to build those floodgates.

Submitted by: sheepbiter - 2010-05-02

Curiosity killed the cat.

Submitted by: Meisterdie - 2011-01-21

What happened to the cat?
Was it killed by the falling stones from the dam or was it a separate event?


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