Perpetual Motion on the Cheap by shinziril

Movie Description:

A demonstration of a construction method for simple, effective waterwheel perpetual motion power plants.

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Submitted by: shinziril - 2010-01-22

So far, research shows that this only works if the pool filled with water by dwarven bucket brigade is both aboveground and made out of constructed walls. Further research is needed to work out the exact parameters required for power generation.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-01-22

Huah... that's unexpected. Does it treat your pond as a river or something?

Submitted by: shinziril - 2010-01-22

From gtmattz's research, it appears that you need a brook or river on the map for this to work. As such, I would say it's definitely something to do with the brook/river flow code messing with other bodies of water.

Given that this only works aboveground and on maps with brooks/rivers, its utility seems somewhat limited. The best use would be obtaining power easily while far away from the river.

Submitted by: Morgoththegreat - 2010-09-10

As far as I know you don't need rivers/brooks, nor does it need to be aboveground, nor does it need to be made out of constructed walls. I've done a similar trick with murky pools on riverless maps in which I've drained the pool into a channel with a waterwheel (with a run-off/evap area for excess), and had it spin the waterwheel just fine. I think it has to do with the water getting locked into its flowing state when it fills an area to equilibrium (no sloshes) in a certain way.


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