BabyCarnage by Viscous SOda

Movie Description:

So Babycarnage of Smiles finally is done. I'm sorry about the fast scrolling, but my computer was slow as hell with all the destruction. This whole sequence took around a hour in actual time to process,

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Submitted by: M_Gargantua - 2007-11-29

I can't wait until Humans can rebuild, then you can reload this and have a human town at -15 below ground level.

Oh the things you could do with it, like a slave colony with a giant floating dwarf city above it. Oh and the entire thing would be a refuse dump.

Submitted by: Killheart - 2008-02-11

As it is it's lots of free food and booze.

Submitted by: Protera - 2008-08-06

And appropriately enough, a baby died in all of it.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?