Fire Imp Plate+Hatch Test 3 by Elvang

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Trying to get wood to ignite. New design protects imp from melee attackers (when used in fortress).

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Submitted by: SL - 2010-01-07

What are the plates and hatches supposed to do?

It looks like the fireballs might just be sailing over the wood-pile - Have you tried having the dwarves run across the wood-pile yet?

I think I'd put clothes-wearing goblins (assuming you can chain them; I've forgotten) right next to a wood stockpile and see if the imp can light them up, allowing the fire to spread to the wood. You should be able to put them on cages next to the stockpile and just channel out around them and the stockpile (except for continuing the stockpile to whereever you want the fire to go if need be), so the goblins can't get away from it and can't reach the imp, of course, and then use a lever to spring them from the cages along with the imp. What do you think?

If the wood won't light, you could try charcoal, on the off chance that it may burn easier, but they probably burn at the same temperature, since they don't seem to have entries in the raw files and have no temperatures for melting or boiling listed on the DF wiki. :P

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Submitted by: NecroRebel - 2010-01-07

The imp needs a path to the target in order to fireball. The hatches provide that, while the pressure plates stop the imp from actually walking out on them. Essentially, they're reverse-doors of a sort.

Submitted by: Elvang - 2010-01-07

I've tried lignite, charcoal, coal, coke, wood, and barrels of booze. One of the tests I did was to station all my military (no-clothes though) on the wood, no ignition.

Submitted by: SL - 2010-01-07

You'd be better off using magma as your fire-starting mechanism, then. I know it can start fires since I've had fires triggered by it in the past - If you pour some magma onto grass it should start a fire which will spread through the grass. What I don't know is whether pouring it onto wood will light the wood on fire.

Submitted by: Fire Imp - 2010-01-07

Very interesting idea! I have to try this now, to uphold my name.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2010-01-08

Fire imp fireballs don't seem to set stuff on fire unless the fireball itself stops on top of the item in question. This is, at least, how it works with them setting the world on fire - while the fireball leaves a trail of ashes, only the single tile the fireball hits will actually get set on fire.

Submitted by: Dudemauler - 2010-05-11

Wait, so the hatch allows people to walk across?

Also, the pressure plates trigger when it walks across, or when it dosent?


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