Tic Tac Toe V1.0 (simple) by Kami

Movie Description:

A short video of my little friends playing tic tac toe. Itīs just a simple version, two seperate input fields, no validation and no other features. The clue is that the winner is detected by mechanical logic, checking if cross or circle has three in a row. Enjoy!

Bytheway, does anyone know why the waterwheels are running even there is no connection to the river? Had to add a shutdown lever becaus power did not want to stop when the floodgate shuts...

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2009-11-15

Thats cool

Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-11-16

A thing of beauty. I never thought of doing that.
Whether waterwheels turn or not has almost nothing to do with whether the water under them can reasonably be considered to be moving. There are a lot of naive designs for perpetual motion machines that don't actually work, and a lot of weird ways to trick the game into making wheels spin forever. It's pretty much black magic and probably the biggest thing in the game that I don't understand.

Submitted by: Arucard - 2010-03-15

It's impressive, but the little winner thing that pops up after a game is astoundingly brilliant! Incredible feat of dwarven ingenuity, great job!

Submitted by: Laziezt - 2010-11-16

They even have chairs to watch.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?