Underwater Ballista Torpedo by neptunepink

Movie Description:

I got pissed off at the skeletal swordfish lingering in the middle of the ocean, which is hampering my skeletal blue finned tuna bone bolt supply, so I decided to have it killed.

Between the ocean and the interior, there is a door and a floodgate which I can use to keep the ocean from coming in. They are operated by a peasant who's been locked inside the control house. However, it's not necessary (other than FPS control maybe) as it just gets dumped into the aquifer. However, if a way to dump weren't available, then those doors and the screw pumps would probably be necessary. The outer channels also allow recovery of misfires.

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Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-10-29

Gorgeous. I want one.
I'm impressed by the accuracy of the ballista. What quality ballista parts/arrows and siege operator are you using?
I'd be interested in seeing a no-aquifer version. I think it would work perfectly well to drop the water into a drainage tunnel that goes into a pump tower that gets rid of the water; if that went to the bottom of the map, you could make a battery of ballistae at different places and z-levels drain feed a common drainage network.

Submitted by: Corona688 - 2009-11-03

Very creative!

Submitted by: neptunepink - 2010-05-05

Kanddak: (It's been a while since I filmed this. Obviously.) The ballista, the parts, and the operator were all low-quality. I wouldn't have uploaded the video if the bolt didn't make it out. (Hooray for selection bias.) Of course, any ammunition that is horribly misfired can easily be recovered. I think I managed to hit the undead whatsit a few shots later.

Unfortunately, in the new 2010 release, ballista bolts can now be deflected by butterfly leather.


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