Dwarfputer V0.1 detailed information by Kami

Movie Description:

Here you can find some more information on the decimal display.
The important part is the mechanlical logic in the middle: The levers are linked to the gears there, either enabeling some of them or disabeling them. Different gears can be enabeled and disabeled by the same lever. So you can combine them to "AND/OR/NOT" logic "placing them in a row / parallel / linking them when the lever is already pushed". They are arranged in a way that power can flow from some permanently empowered gears through those linked to the levers and to some output-gears. These gears finally control some pumps with pressure plates for the display bridges.
The logic is quite optimized, somtimes using the same input gear for more than one output. But an easyer strukture would need more gears and power, and even this needs nearly 800.

Here is a video showing all numbers in action: Dwarfputer V0.1

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Submitted by: fFoe - 2009-11-07

Don't you mean XOR ( Exclusive OR ) ?

But thanks for the little peak under the hood, now to see if there can be a two digit 4bit display device!

Submitted by: Kami - 2009-11-08

I donīt understand. Where could I mean XOR?


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?