Dwarfputer V 0.1 by Kami

Movie Description:

I worked a little bit on computing. This element displays 4-bit numbers as decimal digits.

= 1/on | = 0/off
0000 = 0
0100 = 4
0101 = 5
0111 = 7
0110 = 6
0010 = 2
0011 = 3
0001 = 1
1001 = 9
1000 = 8
1100 = 12[Overflow Error]
0011 = 3

A detailed explanation will follow soon. For the moment just look an feel the power of computing...

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Submitted by: Antallion - 2009-10-15

Wow, that is awesome!

Submitted by: Booken - 2009-10-21

From what I can see each lever activate its own set of gears... but what the gears do?

Wait nevermind I see the numbers

Submitted by: Kami - 2009-10-23

I have made a movie that explaines how it workes: It has the ID 1773

(I was not able to post a comment with a link to it because of the stupid spam check.)

Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-10-27

That's fantastic. Well done.
Have you seen my fluid logic version?
It displays hexadecimal digits 0-F rather than reading an error after 9 like yours does, but the switching delays are pretty awful and can cause things to get a bit out of whack.
I'd definitely like yours better than mine if it went up to F.
(Edit: I'd said "definitely like yours better" and sounded like I just meant better than I presently like it)

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Submitted by: Kami - 2009-10-28

Yes, I have allready seen your's.
Just afer I submitted I looked around and found another one by GauHelldragon, made only one month before. I thought nobody would have done this before... ;-) Then I looked around and found your display and another adding machine I hadn't seen before.
By the way, your one is fantastic, too!
I didn't think water logic would work so fine, especially because of the problems with the switching delay. But in some cases when changing more bits, my one can go crazy, too. But its nearly stable. There should be a way to control bridges and other constructions like that without the detour over pumps and pressure plates.
In the first place I didn't implement the overflow bit, because I wanted to make a display with more digits. I considered to split the x-bit binary numbers into 4-bit decimal blocks by calculating, so I wouln't have an overflow problem. But it were to complcated for a first experiment in drawfputing and I just wanted a proof of concept in the first place.
But I will keep on working. I hope to see some more computing from you anytime.

Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-10-29

Thanks for the tip, I hadn't seen GauHelldragon's version.
I see what you mean about only bothering with decimal digits because you plan to make a binary-to-decimal converter and show the result in decimal. I thought about the same thing when I was building my display and came to the same conclusion that it was too complicated for a proof of concept, but I figured I may as well make the display hexadecimal so that the design could be used to display multidigit numbers before the converter was built.
Could you possibly post a map upload for this? I'd like to be able to examine the logic at a bit more of my own pace than the guided-tour movie allows.

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Submitted by: Kami - 2009-11-02

Ok, I uploaded the map here: http://mkv25.net/dfma/poi-19523-decimaldigitdisplay
If you want to go deeper into it I can give you the Excel-file I used to design it.

Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-11-14

Excellent. You might want to throw that map name into the group name for both movies so that everything gets autolinked together.
I would also be very interested in seeing things like diagrams you used to plan this.


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