Battle for Mafolzasit by Servu

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Soon after I had completed the bridge crossing the valley north of the outside fort, I had a dwarven caravan. The wagons made it safely inside, but just as the last of the few little carts had arrived, an orc siege occured! One of their squads appeared right next to one of the carts and smashed it, sending half of my haulers to grab the stuff. The early part of the battle was pretty much just small orc detachments chasing the mentioned haulers around (many of them already under the bridge to grab stone) while my marksdwarves took lob shots at them.
After the orcs got tired of running around like an ADHD they made their first assault to the bridge. Too bad the merchants had gotten scared of their carts getting under attack and their wagons were just rolling out.
Hilarity ensued as the carts ran over the orc wrestlers, pushing some off the bridge. I was too busy laughing my ass off to start the recording at this point.

The movie here starts just after the carts had been detroyed (one of them was REALLY close of actually getting away.) The bridge itself is almost complete here: The northern tower is still under construction and (more importantly) the bridges still have not been linked to the levers. Therefore, I had no way to block the orc advance.
The rest? See for yourself!

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Submitted by: Servu - 2009-10-11

You will probably notice some inconsistency in the video. This is because I had to do a massive amount of editing to cut away most of the time I spent issuing orders and managing the fortress.

Submitted by: mattmoss - 2009-10-11

Oh, wow... Cleanup on aisle four. I'd hate to be the janitor of that place.
I love bridge battles like that, especially without protective railings. Whee!!!


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