HFS: The End. . . by small_lawe

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The next part of my forts down fall

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Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-10-02

The moral of the story: if you fight spirits of fire at close range, you will quite literally get burned.

A squad of champion marksdwarves should enjoy much better luck, since all they need to worry about is the fireballs and fire breath which they can either dodge or block (with shields). A bunch of animals also helps immensely since they both reveal the demons early (so they don't get too close) and soak up all of the fireballs instead of your champions. Just make sure you give them plenty of ammo, since they'll definitely need it.

Submitted by: small_lawe - 2009-10-06

I hadn't prepared for the HFS I was going to set up all those things and train a ton of marksdwarves, but then that happened, so I did all I could do. . . throw melee dwarves into the fray.


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