HFS fight over the chasm by Mechanoid

Movie Description:

Tentacle demons attack from the adamantine and glowing pits, as some 30 dwarves fight a losing battle over a narrow chasm bridge.

The unhappy thought coursing through everyones' head is from a single initial death that was caused by a Fire Man. Yes, one death will make 70% of a reclaim instantly unhappy. Beware the friend status.

Note: Dwarves were modified to have magenta blood so i can tell when they're injured while fighting goblins.

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Submitted by: Ironhand - 2009-09-30

You shall not pass!

SQUELCH. Gurgle.

Okay, yeah, you can pass.

Submitted by: Harvick - 2009-09-30

You'll almost never win an up close fight against HFS unless you have many champions fully geared with adamantine, the best way is dogs chained up and champion marksmen

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Submitted by: Niyaxov - 2009-10-01

Whoa! Intense fight!

What are the little blue e's?

Submitted by: Harvick - 2009-10-03

those light blue people are "from the underworld" they come out of the pits

Submitted by: The Brewski - 2010-09-09

Just gotta chime in, watching this fight never gets old. This is what Dwarf Fortress really is. Desperate battles for the livelihood of a small piece of land in a god-forsaken hellhole against a fantasy-turned-reality abomination from Japan.

Also I like how they show their true numbers at the end of the movie.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?