7 segment LCD display by GauHelldragon

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It seems to work about 90% of the time... water trigger traps seem kind of flakey :E

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Submitted by: GauHelldragon - 2009-09-09

Converts a 4 digit binary number ( the levers ) into a decimal digit ( the bridge display )

Submitted by: Kanddak - 2009-10-29

Congratulations and welcome to the ranks of the select few DF players to build something like that.
I had to do a little detective work to find the fort this is from, though; if you enter "Fellsalves" into the "Group" field on the movie, DFMA will automatically make "Related map/movie" links between the two.

Submitted by: Hippoman - 2010-01-30

F? F?!


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?