River Experiment 1: Cistern fill comparison by Kanddak

Movie Description:

I wanted to provide a demonstration of different ways of moving water for the benefit of a forums poster who was questioning the best way to fill a cistern.
The poster originally questioned the merits of simply connecting a river to an aqueduct to a cistern, versus pumping water from the river into the aqueduct and cistern, versus connecting the aqueduct to the river and then pumping it from the aqueduct into the cistern at the cistern end.
I designed an experiment intended to demonstrate the relative speeds of pumped water, water under pressure, and water flowing horizontally. However, failure to account for the effects of the sourced water of a major river caused the various cisterns to fill in an order other than what was predicted.
As a result, I was lead to the hypothesis that rivers place new water onto the map using a shortest-path algorithm, similar but not identical to that used by screw pumps and water pressure effects.

Forum thread (contains more explanation)

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