Fooled dragon by Retales

Movie Description:

An invading dragon chases a puppy to its own death. How anti-climatic

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Submitted by: Vanan - 2007-11-19

Smart puppy.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-11-19

Shouldn't goblins be afraid of fire breathing dragons?

Submitted by: Flok - 2007-11-19

As awesome as that is, didn't that level up the goblins a tad...?

Submitted by: Slumber - 2007-11-20 - Removed

Submitted by: Jetman123 - 2008-06-03

Poor dragon got mobbed. Goblins did something right for once.

Submitted by: banna - 2008-08-18

Wow, those goblins just wailed on that beast!


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