Deadly Puppies n Kittens by Ignem

Movie Description:

I was quitting this fortress, but not until I got to use the caged up goblins and lizardman/frogmen/olmmen. So I pitted them against eachother in a very unfinished arena. I thought it would be interesting to throw in all the dogs and cats I had caged up as well.

The result of the battle was surprising to me. All creatures were disarmed before this.

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Submitted by: kefkakrazy - 2009-07-25

Dogs and cats deal Gore damage, which is the same damage type used by whips and scourges. I don't think it does much damage against stuff that doesn't bleed, but from my testing, it's utterly hardcore against anything that does, especially if it's unarmored.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?