Mother of all flooding traps, FLOOD EVERYTHING! by Jokuvaan

Movie Description:

My "little" flooding trap taking care of goblin siege

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Submitted by: Christes - 2009-07-20

Water Pressure is awesome.

Submitted by: Danarca - 2009-07-20

Oh... Oh my God.....
Thats incredible!

Submitted by: Meta - 2009-07-21

Fun! Can you upload the map? It could be interesting.

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-07-22

I don't think that desert will need rain fall for a while.

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2009-07-29

I can imagine how that would look IRL.

Plus, it may take weeks to scrape poor Urist off the wall...s.

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Submitted by: MC Dirty - 2010-02-11

It's so beautiful! ;D

Submitted by: immibis - 2010-03-30

Was that a bottomless pit before you filled it with water?

Submitted by: Jokuvaan - 2011-02-14

Yeah it was good old bottomless pit, now i just gotta make even grander trap using current version.

Eventually i forgot to close few hatches and flooded half my fort with the siege, oops


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