Melting water on glacier by Nesoo

Movie Description:

Testing out melting glacier water for those poor sick dwarves. This took place in a freezing biome. Looks like Magma directly under a sheet of ice will work, but a layer of rock between the two doesn't.

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Submitted by: hoborobo - 2008-01-14


Submitted by: flyingdwarf - 2008-02-16

my god you found a water mine!

Submitted by: Jami - 2008-02-21

Pity that the two original miners died :3

This verification sucks really badly -.-/

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-04-04

Well organised, easy way to source water on a glacier map. You make it look easy anyhow.

Were you having problems Jami?

Submitted by: Saktoth - 2008-06-01

You could have easily saved those miners by channelling the last time out out from above rather than digging directly into the magma.

Submitted by: MC Dirty - 2008-09-11

Why doesn't the water make obsidian? Water+Magma should be obsidian, or not?

Submitted by: izxocjlkasd - 2008-09-13

How'd you get that dwarf to run away when he dug through to the magma?

Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-01-18

Haha at 2:10 at least 2 or 3 dwarves started mining that magma tile and ran away.

Submitted by: Ironhand - 2009-05-24

The floor under those ice tiles is stone (andesite). You can see it at the end. That's why the water never comes in contact with the magma. There's a thin sheet of stone between the two.


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