Dwarven intellect by Nerserus

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Ok, so i was trying to block an aquifier ( Which failed miserably, back to the drawing board ) but seriously. That retardation defies nature.

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Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2009-07-02

"Restricted" does not mean "You can not go there!"

What it means is "Fewer dwarves can path through this tile then other traffic designations; but they can still pass through."

Submitted by: Kami - 2009-07-03

Start constructing a wall on these tiles and suspend the construction. Thes seems to work better...

Submitted by: MC Dirty - 2009-07-04 - Removed

Submitted by: MC Dirty - 2009-07-04

@Mechanoid: That's not exactly right.
Traffic designations affect the dwarves' pathing algorithm. It calculates the total "cost" of a way to somewhere. If there's an 80-square way with normal traffic to a pig tail sock the dwarf wants to get, it calculates 80*2 ("traffic cost" of normal traffic)=160 as the total cost.
However, if there are 2 restricted squares in the way, it calculates 78*2+2*25 ("traffic cost" of restricted traffic)=206.
The dwarves will always choose the path with the lowest total traffic cost.

"Additionally, traffic designations cannot be used to restrict where a dwarf will stand when building/digging." (quote from the wiki) And that's exactly what happened here.

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Submitted by: Nerserus - 2009-07-06

They're still retarded.

I tried the exact same thing again, i suspended the construction, he still walled himself in, i restricted it, he still walled himself in, i kept trying until he went a different way, he still walls himself in. So i got pissed off and removed the supports and sent him crashing down into the aquifier.

There was a stairway, but no, why use that. Just sit there and drown. Much easier. That dwarf deserved to rot in a small damp hole.


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