Boiler Concept by Itnetlolor

Movie Description:

I'm experimenting a 1-tile-wide boiler.

In this video, I'm using 6/7 water with a 2-Z drop, and a windmill is pumping it.

This also simulates how the water is treated above ground... well, for obvious reason. WA-AY above ground.

Plans will include copper walls, pump parts, floors, and hatches. It's a boiler after all.

If anyone has any other info regarding mist machines, hit me up. One question I have is, does less water yield more visible mist for such a small space? Because I'd like this to be as convincing a mist-show as possible.

NOTE: There will be axles/gear mechs going into it, and some steam might escape, like exhaust. This is more of an aesthetic element. Feel free to copy it if/when I master it\'s design.

BTW, I dug underground for the test because I felt lazy, and didn't feel like making a bunch of walls.

I'll update it tomorrow maybe.

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