Magma Wall generator test by Zaltanek

Movie Description:

The idea was to get pump 7/7 waves of magma over the entrance of of city. It works sort of... getting 7/7 magma across all pumps does not seem to work. Also the two pumps on the side that pump magma back into the system froma full circuit end up flooding the sides so magma is left behind on the ground floor. When fully running the system fills up and starts filling the entrance with magma. I could probibly fix this by putting in another set of bridges between the recycle pumps and the magma pipe outlets. I would have to drain the system to test this theory though.

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Submitted by: Jokermatt - 2009-06-27

Nice job with the notes. Also, it'd be great to see this in use against some actual invaders.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?