Automatic Obsidian Farm by Nome Cahlan

Movie Description:

This is some footage of an automatic obsidian farm! (trap!). One lever pull closes the gates of the trap, then systematically fills the chamber with magma and water, then drains the excess water. Pulling the lever again opens the doors and resets the trap. (there's a second lever involved at the end that opens a drain in the water logic to allow is to reset properly). Here's an overview of the levels of the system:

On top are a bunch of windmills for power, as well as two pumps for draining excess water.

Next level are 4 water pumps and the top of the farm chamber.

Next level are the two water reservoirs/fill pumps, the bottom of the farm chamber, 4 magma pumps, and the top level of the water logic that controls the system.

Finally, the bottom level contains the magma reservoir/fill pumps, and the bottom level of the water logic.

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Submitted by: Syntax - 2010-10-18

Amazing. I'd love to implement that in my fort. :D


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?