Flammable Caravan by Soralin

Movie Description:

A caravan attempts to reach the fortress under the scorching sun, the merchants would be advised not to wear leather next time.

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Submitted by: Lazureus - 2009-06-18

I'm surprised that the trees didn't spontaneously combust.

Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2009-06-19

Burning a hole in your pocket?
Blazin' Saddles?
Burn rubber?

... The player is using a giant magnifying glass?

Submitted by: Lord_Shadow - 2009-06-19

Your going to get seiged...
But the seigers won't reach you... OMG THIS IS AMAZING!

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2009-06-20

Would anyone beat me up if I were to say that the first merchant is wearing hot pants?

Submitted by: sHokkueibu - 2009-07-10

blah blah blah
A pool of blood.


Submitted by: None - 2009-07-12

It's going to be fun seeing what happens the first time you get sieged. With luck, the entire opposing army will just burst into flames.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?