Small Siege by Zona

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Ah the power of a Champion

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Submitted by: David D. Davidson - 2009-06-08

Noooo! The cabinets of doom have arrived.
This is brutal..

Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2009-06-11

Remember kids, treat your furniture right!

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-06-13

AHAHHHAHH!!!!!!! CABINETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOnONOnononONOOOO!!! *bzzt!*

Submitted by: MC Dirty - 2009-06-14

Wow, how many different civs are there? Frost Giants, Zephyrs, Dyansari, Vamarian, Jawa, Silver Xelic, THE HELL?

What kind of creature attacked you in this siege?

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-06-16


Submitted by: Zona - 2009-06-22

Its the Violet Xelics attacking me here. I use Civ Forge which adds quite a few new races. I can get up to four diffrent sieges a year.


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