First R.D. Arena Battle by Marko

Movie Description:

The first arena fight of Roofdwelling, here we see one of the lucky 13 take on a large group of goblins coming at him from two different directions... they don't stand a chance.

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Submitted by: Dorten - 2009-04-27

You need a better system. Fights should happen IN the arene, not in the backstages!

Submitted by: Marko - 2009-04-27

yeah... I think it'd work better if I leave the exit unlocked and have the hero stand near the door. Goblins rush out for the exit, but then have a problem along the way.

Submitted by: MegaJohnny - 2009-04-28

Nice. I have very little experience with this game, do the spectators get happy/unhappy thoughts seeing the carnage?

Submitted by: Marko - 2009-04-28

actually, oddly enough, they would get unhappy thoughts for 'viewing death recently' hehe. Arenas are more for your own general pleasure (and perhaps to please the god of blood)


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?