Magma Cycle test by Elvang

Movie Description:

Video of a magma defense test where a 7/7 tile of magma is moved over the entrance tunnel.

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Submitted by: Lazureus - 2009-04-23

You may wish you make those gears out of Bauxite as the video show the Lava eating through your Andesite Gears at 1:16

Other then that.. Awesome trap design

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Submitted by: FunkyWaltDogg - 2009-04-23

I wonder how Mebzuth came away with a mangled foot after having a glob of magma dumped on his head from above?

Submitted by: Elvang - 2009-04-23

Yea, I've been steadily importing and making bauxite mechanisms in case they melted while the magma was being passed around. I figured the non magma-safe gears would eventually wear down like a wooden pump would since they normally shouldn't touch the magma. I think the magma leak is causing the gears to melt, and not the other way around though.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?