Death Pit - Test by timmeh

Movie Description:

A simple test in which I throw an extra cat off my 16 z-level tower, into a hole that goes 15 z-levels into the ground, for a total fall of about 31 z-levels.

The cat lands in a little "splatter room" I had dug out so that I could watch the pieces fly, without a ridiculous amount of cleanup later. After this test, I now know that I need to move some of the stone down there, so I can see the blood better :P

[EDIT]: Sorry about the thief message right as the cat hits the ground. He was next, although I didn't think to record his fall.

You may want to watch the fall at 200, cause I stepped through, to show how far the fall was, and it ended up taking a little longer than I had intended. That being said, you'd have to slow it down to read the stuff later, although it's just cat parts and blood.

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