Wall-less Pump tower by AncientEnemy

Movie Description:

This was built to test if a pump tower could be built without surrounding it with walls. turns out it can. it's the same 'stacked' design as the pump tower described on the wiki but without the walls or floor sections (except what's necessary to hold the pumps themselves up). it could be made even more compact if the stairs were built orthogonal to the stacked pumps, rather than diagonal as I have done. originally this was an idea to build a 'freestanding waterfall', and it certainly does generate alot of mist.

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Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2009-03-02


But seriously, that's dwarven engineering at it's finest. I wonder, can it be done with magma as well...

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-03-02


Doing it with magma would be deadly, however. If you ever need to turn the pump stack off, or the top pump runs out of space to put the stuff it's pumping, the lower pumps will begin to 'leak'.

The whole point of surrounding it in walls is allow it to be turned off without all the fluids going all over the place ^_^

Unless you're trying to make a mist generation device :)


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