It Wins So Hard by zakwt

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Submitted by: xpCynic - 2009-02-25

Lower your FPS cap, it's too hard to follow what happens when everything runs like tectonic plates while paused. The ocean-evaporating part was awesome though!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-02-26

Mhmmm, !!Lignite Blocks!! ...

Submitted by: SomeOne - 2009-09-23

God damn, lower the damn FPS rate jesus christ, thats annoying

Submitted by: Nivm - 2010-02-20

Might be fun to try to use this to clean an ocean.

Submitted by: RatOfWisdom - 2010-02-28


What ocean-evaporating part?

All I saw was ten minutes of nothing followed by a few pause frames of a steam cloud beginning to form.

Really, really awesome idea; terrible, terrible execution. Do-over plz.

Submitted by: ptthtptph - 2010-03-22

were you running this on your lab's cluster or just your home super computer... because this is a little absurd...

Submitted by: locriani - 2010-04-20

Oh god, less pause frames please!

Submitted by: Andreus - 2010-04-20

Please don't pause your recordings as much, it's obnoxious and interferes with the action.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2010-05-19

The real action starts at 10:28.

Submitted by: Karnewarrior - 2010-05-22

Whoa, it would be so much better if you didn't pause it.

And the rest of you, stop complaining because he has a badass computer and you don't.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2010-05-23

It's entirely likely he doesn't have a "badass computer" - since he set his MAX_FPS to something ridiculous like 1000, it only reached that speed while paused; once the game unpaused, it dropped to about ~70fps, which could be entirely reasonable.

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Submitted by: Contents: !!({Lignite blocks})!! - 2010-11-25

I'm building an ocean fort with a ring of these.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?