Self-Powered Pump System, and it is modular. by Foa

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Anyways, I'm just making an economic and modular self-powered pump system.

To start up, you need 2 Pump Operators, and it never stops.

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Submitted by: Foa - 2009-02-21

It obviously pumps from the south...

Submitted by: Foaboe - 2009-02-21

Oh yeah, I am Foa, I just registered...

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Submitted by: Kefkakrazy - 2009-02-22

This particular exploit has always fallen on the "bad" side of DF's long list of oddities, for me. True, I love it when a bug did something awesome, but things like this... I dunno.

Submitted by: Foa - 2009-02-22

It isn't an exploit, it is a gear, so it can transfer p, and waterwheels need to be supported by a gear, and pumps make flow, which powers the wheel, which powers the pumps, and it is on an aquifer, so I can drain it all I want, and use it as a drain for the excess!

Submitted by: Kami - 2009-02-23

Powering pumps with the flow they produce is an exploit. Itīs a DF version of an perpetuum mobile. Itīs cool, itīs working and usefull, but it is not the way thing are meant to be.

Submitted by: Stromko - 2009-03-27

Nonsense! It's magic! Dwarf Fortress has dragons and bronze collosi (colluses?).

How does a bronze collosos (I'm still not spelling that right) move around without eating or consuming coal or anything? A self-powered pump system!

Submitted by: Vanguard - 2009-05-05

I've tried this set up myself, and while it works, you should note that the middle pump doesn't actually do anything. It can't pump water with the wheel in the way. However, the other two pumps work fine. The central one is nothing more than a glorified gear assembly+wall in this configuration.

Submitted by: Wlerin - 2009-08-23

So it would actually be cheaper, power-wise, to put a gear assembly & a wall in that centre portion? Then you could have a whopping 5 extra power. You could also set one of these up with 8 pumps powered off of one wheel.

To those who object to this as an exploit... okay, yes, it is. But this is the most ingenious exploit of this exploit I have yet seen. It certainly tops the more elaborate perpetual motion systems I've seen, *and* it might actually do something useful.


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