Fireimps kill the Farmer by Markavian`

Movie Description:

In defence of the fort, the plucky Farmer Deg Degothil grabbed a battle axe and a wooden buckler and went to fend off the fire imps... two fell in his rage before he was swarmed and burnt to a pulp.

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Submitted by: RPharazon - 2009-02-21


Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-02-21

This fort had four Degs and three Tulons. Deg died.
I bet that was a fun meet up at the bar.

Submitted by: Aranak - 2010-11-03

lol rape

Submitted by: Brewster - 2012-02-11

Funny. He did so well - then got greedy (as a proper dwarf should.)


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