Drowning Chamber 3 by Lumpy McUglyface

Movie Description:

Automatic drowning chamber (Inspiration: Coaldiamond).

Automatically drowns invading goblins and then resets, no dwarven input.

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Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-02-07

Good one.

Submitted by: anonymous - 2009-02-14

Fascinating. Can you describe in a bit more detail what's going on, here? The trap is triggered where, exactly? And then the water that resets the trap... the X's that it's going through are what, floodgates? And each pressure plate just opens one floodgate, until the final pressure plate is hit?

Submitted by: Lumpy McUglyface - 2009-02-14

Welp. The initial trigger happens from the three pressure plates (magenta ^) in the hallway. This dumps water onto the top two pressure plates of the 'logic' portion of the trap, the four chambers south of the hallway. One of these pressure plates (the top one) closes the drawbridges at the ends of the hallway. The second one turns on the pump that pumps in water to the chamber.

Now, at the south side of the hallway, adjacent to the hallway itself, is the timing mechanism. Once water flows in through the vertical bars to the first pressure plate up to 7/7, the next floodgate is released. Then, once 7/7 gets to the next pressure plate, the NEXT flood gate is released. In this way, a large delay is added between when 7/7 fills the chamber and when it is released, in order to add sufficient time for the goblins to drown.

Submitted by: Lumpy McUglyface - 2009-02-14

When the water gets to the final area (you'll see two open spaces instead of one, directly south a little past the middle of the chamber), it contacts two pressure plates. One of these is the 'full' plate, and the other is the 'empty'. Once 7/7 hits the 'full' plate, water is dropped onto the third pressure plate in the 'logic' section, and also in the fourth chamber (plate removed due to a revision). The pressure plate in the third chamber is triggered which opens the floodgates to the timer and also floodgates that drain the chamber, as well as the second floodgate in the 'logic' section. Opening this gate deactivates the input pump and triggers the next pressure plate which dumps water into the fourth chamber. In addition, two pumps above the chamber are activated to help drain the chamber.

Once the water gets to 1/7 or below on the 'empty', the fourth 'logic' floodgate is opened, triggering the pressure plate right outside of it which opens the remaining 'logic gates' until all of them get below 2/7. Now the trap is reset.

Submitted by: vix0r - 2009-02-16

Sweet holy jesus that's complicated. How long did it take you to design and build?

Submitted by: Coaldiamond - 2009-02-17

Well, how long it takes depends on how much you like automated defenses. When I made my last 2 forts with this kind of defense, I would refuse to start any industries until the chamber is finished. That way, you don't attract seiges and ambushes until you're ready.
On a side note, I'm finding out that having multiple entrances like this (or a manual STOP switch) is preferable, since you sometimes don't want your only entrance blocked.

Submitted by: Coaldiamond - 2009-02-18

Hey Lumpy,
Could you upload the map for this fortress? I'd like to look at the filling and drainage system you designed for your drowning chamber.

Submitted by: VengefulDonut - 2009-06-24

I want this. Except with magma.

Submitted by: LoSboccacc - 2010-10-12

you may also add a fortifications between the floodgates and the chamber itself so that those pesky building destroyers won't spoil your work (yes I say this because it has happened to me, but I was not using a pump to fill, resorting on gravity instead. fun ensued)

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