Periodic Waterfall by Coaldiamond

Movie Description:

My Aqueduct periodically releases water to form waterfalls over my fortress. A great way to generate positive thoughts and get rid of all those blood splatters.

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Submitted by: Coaldiamond - 2009-02-01

Not too much going on here, just a short vid from my fort Duralducim (Clockworks). I have an aqueduct above the fort that also releases a waterfall (thanks to a pressure plate in a high traffic area) every so often. The real trick is keeping the pool from overflowing.

Submitted by: Coaldiamond - 2009-02-23

Question from Foaboe: How does it work?
Answer: I'm embarrassed to say that it is much less complex than it should be. You can see the reservoir and floodgates that control the waterfall at 00:16 - 00:18. The floodgates are connected to a pressure plate below them, seen at 00:20 - 00:25. Anytime a dwarf steps on the plate, the waterfall is released. The pressure plate sits in a high traffic area, so it's really only an application of creature logic.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-02-26

Coaldiamond, infact, waterfalls activated by the dwarves is very cool - imagine years from now when the fortress is long and forgotten, and adventurers pass by, activating all the old water fall systems.


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