Clockwork Drowning Chamber by Coaldiamond

Movie Description:

Finally, a goblin squad showed up to test my Clockwork Drowning Chamber.

-You will see that this drowning chamber closes, fills, waits, and empties without a single "Pull the Lever!!" command. Some gobbos run through the chamber quickly. Some gobbos drown and gets sucked down into the drainage system. Two gobbos manage to hold their breath long enough to escape.

-The principle is sound, but obviously it needs to work. Check out "Waterguards 163 Late Winter" for all the detail.

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Submitted by: Coaldiamond - 2009-01-25

Well, even though it wasn't perfect, I'm still excited to see that it works at all. Newer versions can be built with larger chambers and with longer timers, to better kill pesky invaders.

Submitted by: SkulkingFilth - 2009-03-30

Nice, works fine ! I seen something similar in another fort, can't remember wich one.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?