Burning Man by RedKing

Movie Description:

The Amazing Burning Man! I was playing a human fortress near a lava pit, and doing quite well, till a fire imp popped out and incinerated some new immigrants. A bunch of idle workers ran out to grab the now ownerless (and still burning) loot, and well...yeah, you know what happens next. Oddly though, one peasant refuses to die, despite wearing at least seven pieces of burning clothing. He's currently trying to sleep it off (in his wooden bed, in a wooden barracks).

Notice also how nicely my wooden walls held off the raging forest fire that ensued.

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Submitted by: TigerPlushie - 2009-01-16

I remember, Constructions cannot be harmed by fire, right? Ah well. Same happen to me too. A miner got too close to an approaching magma flow. he actually ran upwards, into the living quarters and tucked himself in before "bleeding to death" .... guess he had a heartburn.

Submitted by: RedKing - 2009-01-22

That's what's boggling me. This guy isn't bleeding at all now, despite *still being on fire*. If it wasn't for the fact that he's unconscious, I'd be turning him into a wrestler and seeing if he developed some sort of mutant powers.

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