Sewers, Part II by schm0

Movie Description:

The first section of sewer has been filled. I overestimated the amount of water in the lake I drained, so I'll have to drain a lot of lakes to get the amount of water I'll need. Next step is to use the water to flood my farms. If you notice in the video, I have re-floored some of the tiles in the easternmost farming room. I hope that farms can be built over re-floored muddy tiles. It should be fine, since doors and other "buildings" can be built over re-floored tiles. Let me know what you guys think of my sewers!!! :)

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Submitted by: Tekkud - 2015-11-25

Farms, for the record, cannot be built over constructed floors, no matter how muddy. The only way to make farmable land is to muddy natural stone (or just make a farm on soil). Cast (but NOT built) obsidian counts as natural stone, so it is possible to make above-ground farms high above the land, but they will never grow plump helmets and other subterranean fare, just prickle berries and rope reeds and such. This is because once a tile has been exposed to light, it is forever light, even if it is completely sealed in cast obsidian.


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