Farm preparation by Esaam

Movie Description:

First attempt of mega flooding my farm to be so I can get some muddy soil.

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Submitted by: Kondor - 2008-12-29

You could have just farmed on the silt, you don't need muddy ground unless you are on rock. I hope you have a way of getting rid of that water.

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2008-12-30

Doesn't muddy soil make plants grow faster though?

Submitted by: J - 2009-01-06

I'm not sure about water causing plants to grow faster, I've never heard that. But I do know that you can just farm underground and just have to irrigate rock so you can grow stuff on it. Clay, silty clay, loam, sand, and other materials like it can just be grown on without irrigation.

Submitted by: Bormamago - 2010-03-09

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