Another MEH Goblin Siege by ToonyMan

Movie Description:

Another siege for Deathquest, the 9th one to be exact. They are no threat because of our well placed weapon traps. 9 weapon traps and they're are not even in a row. The goblins are really dumb, dumber than dumb. Instead of charging through the weapon traps with only 10 deaths, they run through get scared, then charge through again like a meat grinder. Not that pleasent. Don't fret though! The next Orc Siege is going to have [TRAP_AVOID] or whatever the tag is called.

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Submitted by: banna - 2008-12-26

Tsk tsk, such cowards, such stupid cowards.

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Submitted by: Gairabad - 2008-12-27

Spikes of groundhog leather? Nice.

Using notes to talk to the viewer? Good idea!

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2008-12-27

Most of my videos I use the notes to talk to the viewer idea. It's helpful to explain what's going on.


Do you only see a blank space instead of a play button?