Releasetreaty - 1085 Early Autumn by Quietust

Map Description:

My second successful fortress in version 0.31.xx.

This fortress follows a much more strict cylindrical design, using a spiral ramp for access to all Z-levels; however, when a hunch directed me to install access staircases, I found that it significantly improved my framerate and reduced travel time between levels.

This fortress was generated in version 0.31.14; however, when it was upgraded to 0.31.18, one of the raw changes has resulted in foreign units (including invaders) no longer wearing any armor, putting a severe strain on my metalworking industries, so I'm probably going to file this one away and try establishing another fortress in a newly generated world.

Point of Interest: Magma Trap

( 1085 Early Autumn → onwards )

The primary defense mechanism of Releasetreaty. The pathway is covered with green glass floor grates, hidden in order to make the magma level more easily viewed.

In order for this trap to work, all BUILDINGDESTROYER monsters had to be modded out, since they actually destroy the floor grates and lock themselves outside.

See The Ultimate LavaTrap for implementation details. - Quietust

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