Spiralsling - 427 Early Spring by Drone

Map Description:

This is going to be an outdoor fortress. As I recall there is an aquifer, but since I deliberately chose a volcano start (I hadn't played with one for a while) I should be able to easily produce an obsidian caison to get into the area.

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Submitted by: dragoncurse - 2010-11-28 to 427 Early Spring

A really large volcano you got there. :D

Submitted by: Drone - 2010-12-01 to 427 Early Spring

I'm still not entirely sure where the wagon is on this map...

Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2010-12-03 to 429 Early Spring

I hope your starting to build some defenses, cause at the moment your fortress looks easier to penetrate than your MOM lolololol (probably doesn't have as many immigrants visiting though)

Submitted by: Drone - 2010-12-03 to 429 Early Spring


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