Roadhouse - 1077 Late Spring by Samoorai

Map Description:

The fortress itself is an epic megaproject of my own design. 26 years (in game) of digging, smoothing, and building has resulted in this masterpiece of design, all carved from living rock (meaning I designed the entire thing right after my starting dwarves arrived). It houses over 300 dwarves in total self sufficiency, but the crowning achievement is the central magmafall which was only just completed.

THIS, is true Dwarven design!

Point of Interest: Primary Level and Walkway

The central level for the fortress, this houses the solid gold trade depot, farms, marksdwarf ranges (set up for an entrance killzone once I bother carving the fortifications/when my marksdwarves gain intelligence) and the primary walkway which rings the point where the magmafall touches down on the platinum spike and the golden slopes below, before sliding down the rock and rejoining the magma pool at the bottom.
It's also the primary habitation level. Most rooms are 6 squares in size, some 7 (which I try to allocate to couples and my starting dwarves) and the office holders have 12 squares. - Samoorai

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Submitted by: McDolomite - 2010-11-12 to 1077 Late Spring

Just awesome!

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-11-23 to 1077 Late Spring

Looks great! I'm impressed by the huge, empty, vertical shaft leading down to the magma at the bottom.
Do you have a mechanism to drain the magma at the bottom in case you need to recover something that falls into the magma?
Also I would suggest a slightly different entrance design. The trade depot is find where it is, but the farms seem a bit unusually placed. The marksdwarf bunkers are great, leave those but carve fortifications, that way anything trying to invade will be caught in a brutal crossfire. Then have a barracks on the walkway about where the gold bridges are where on duty dwarves can hang out to catch any stealthers.

Submitted by: lesmurf - 2010-11-23 to 1077 Late Spring

This, dear Sir, is truly epic! I wish I had a computer that could support a fortress of that size...

Submitted by: Samoorai - 2010-11-25 to 1077 Late Spring

hyndis - Yes, the red lever on the primary level opens two hatches on the bottom level, draining the magma into the cavern.
Because the farms are where they are, they're easily expandable. If I need more farm space, I just dig out the top and bottom walls and place the hatches for the irrigation system 1 level down.
I have two war dogs chained up on the surface for stealthers.

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