Axeglided - 1085 Early Autumn by hyndis

Map Description:


Final version of the fortress. There are approximately 240 dwarves in the fortress, including children. Invasions are currently turned off to free up dwarves for extra hauling and faster construction.

Point of Interest: Dorms

Because I've been too lazy to give my dwarves proper rooms. The dorms double as the hospital as well. - hyndis

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Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2010-11-10 to 1085 Early Autumn

How did you get such a MASSIVE underground cave system? What settings did you gen the world with?

Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2010-11-10 to 1085 Early Autumn

dam this fortress is huge, i was expecting epic-er defenses considering how awesome the rest of the fort is.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-11-11 to 1085 Early Autumn

I have invasions turned off at the moment just due to how many haulers I need to get stuff done. Dwarves busy catching spears are not busy hauling things around or building megaprojects.

This fortress had a non-military focus however. My next one is much more militaristic with elaborately designed defenses.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-11-12 to 1085 Early Autumn

Created in DF v0.31.16.


Submitted by: Fred Bernd - 2010-11-14 to 1085 Early Autumn

Very nice

Submitted by: PLANKS - 2010-11-15 to 1085 Early Autumn

Awsome fort hyndis

This custom reaction you use for getting rid of useless stone.. can we get a link please? :D

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-11-17 to 1085 Early Autumn

Example reaction:

[NAME:prospect iron]

For this to work you'd need to add the [FLUX] token to all rock layers you want to have for prospecting. You could probably do this another way, but I'm lazy, and this method is easy and straightforward.
The reaction there will turn 5 regular mundane rocks, like granite or microcline, into 1 bar of iron at a smelter. You can adjust the type of metal produced and the quantity of rocks required to produce it, depending on what you think is best.

(Reaction typed up from memory, I may be missing a few details but you can get the gist of it! My fortress is on another computer at the moment.)

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