Rocktrust - 1065 Early Winter by SoulSkorpion

Map Description:

Just after Sukxusmumuz Entust, "The Squeezing Attack of Brutalizing", part of The Scaberous War with the goblins. Out of 16 trolls and 64 goblin attackers, 44 were killed with only one loss.

Rocktrust is well and truly back on its feet. The armed forces have swollen to 33 soldiers plus 10 marksdwarves. Seven of the soldiers are the best fighters you can get: +5 Legendary in their weapon, dodging, shield, fighter and armour use. The troops are clad in adamantium plate armour, adamantium mail shirts with leather robes, cloaks and hoods over the top to protect the eyes and extremities.

Point of Interest: Upgraded entrance

( 1065 Early Winter → onwards )

The surface defenses have been strengthened.
The outer wall was built to serve as a marshalling area for defending forces. The new main drawbridge has a barrier around it designed to block arrow fire, to minimise the threat of goblin marksmen.
In the south east corner is a barracks and armoury. Most of the time the soldier sleep in their own rooms in the civilian quarter; this barracks is only used while on alert. - SoulSkorpion

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-09-13 to 1057 Late Winter

Impressive pump stack, I wasn't sure if it were possible in this version.

Submitted by: SoulSkorpion - 2010-09-15 to 1057 Late Winter

Thanks :)

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