Submergebridges (Ice Fort) - 1063 Late Winter by LegendaryClother

Map Description:

Ice Fort build only in Winter. Last two dwarfs (Dwarf civilization extinct).

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2010-10-10 to 1063 Late Winter

whats up with all the dead bodies? did they from the cold? are they not decaying?

Submitted by: LegendaryClother - 2010-10-10 to 1063 Late Winter

One frozed in the water, killed with goblin , kobold and tantrum. I don`t know why they not decaying, they is the skeleton.
Last dwarf 17 year and woman 65 year. I want that they married and give more children.

Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2010-10-12 to 1063 Late Winter

no i'm talking about all the dead animals and goblins spread around your tower

Submitted by: LegendaryClother - 2010-10-13 to 1063 Late Winter

A, these dead!
Goblin and kobold ambush cant find dwarf , run around castle killed all undead. Dwarf practice shot goblin.

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